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The incredible hulk

Pre-Hulk Bruce Banner History.

While everyone is aware of what Bruce Banner has gone through after that fateful day when the Gamma Bomb went out and he became the Hulk, few know his history before that event. He had a very complicated and hard life which effected him psychologically and led to the formation of the different Hulk Incarnations. Bruce's parents were Brian and Rebecca Banner. As a child, Brian, along with his mother, was subjected to severe psycholigical and possibly physical abuse from his father. Brian felt his father was a monster and was afraid that he had inherited the monster gene also and had no plans to have any more children so that he would not have the possibility of doing to his children what his father did to him. During college, Brian met and married Rebecca who was anxious to start a family. Brian never shared his personal history with her or of his desire to never have children. He was the youngest person to graduate from his college with a Ph.D. and he got his degree in physics. His post-graduate options were unlimited but he settled on going to Los Alamos to work on a government project to find a source for clean nuclear radiation. The stress of the job led Brian to start drinking which also led him to become more erratic and quick to anger with Rebecca and his fellow employees. After one night of excessive drinking, Brian tried to work on his project and accidently caused an overload of the equipment. Brian was court-martialed and released from the project. Even though he was behind a shield when the overload occurred and multiple doctors examined him and found nothing, Brian still felt that some amount of radiation go through and affected his genetic structure and was even more convinced not to have any children. Brian eventually found a job and started to try and pull his life together when Rebecca announced that she was pregnant.Rebecca had problems during the pregnancy although what the complications were are not known. After the birth in Dayton, OH, Bruce was kept in extensive care for observation and examination but the doctor's found nothing out of the ordinary. He was also examined for any trace radiation due to Brian's exposure but none was detected. Brian, still thinking that something was wrong with Bruce, would try to spend at little as time as possible with him. When Brian and Rebecca would go away, they would leave Bruce with a nanny who showed no affection or attention towards Bruce. On Christmas morning, when Bruce was approximately four years old, he woke up early and snuck down to the Chrismtas tree. He opened one of his presents, which was an erector set. He managed to put together a very intricate structure in little time. Brian came down and smashed the structre, saying that Bruce was a freak and that someone his age should not be able to do that. He thought that the radiation had altered his Bruce's brain, making him super-smart, and would have probably killed Bruce had Rebecca not come into the room at that moment. Rebecca tried to get in the way and Brian hit her. When Bruce tried to run to his mother, Brian hit him also. Brain looked at Bruce and called him a inhuman monster. It was finally now that Brian admitted he never wanted a child. A few years later, after much physical and mental abuse to both Rebecca and Bruce, Rebecca packed suitcases and tried to leave with Bruce. Brian catches them at the car before they leave and starts to struggle with Rebecca. Bruce yells to his father to let his mother go and that he will be good but Brian throws Rebecca to the ground and kills her. Bruce runs to her side and just sits there beside her lifeless body. It is at this point where Bruce shuts down all his emotions and his mind starts to bifercate, setting up the MPD. During the resulting trial for Rebecca's death, Bruce tried to cover for his father but Brian was overheard gloating over the fact that he had forced his son into lying for him. Brian was sentenced to a mental institution and as he was taken away, he yelled at the young Bruce that he would get him for this.Bruce was sent to live with his months sister, Mrs. Drake. When he grew older, he attended Science High School. Due to his extremely high intelligence level and the fact that he had for all practical purposes turned off his emotions years ago, he had no friends as the school and was subjected to harassment. The headmaster showed concern for Bruce and his unresolved anger and feelings about his father and his mother's murder. Bruce attended Desert State University in undergraduate college. It was here that he came into contact with Susan Jacobson and attempted to start a relationship with her. After a few months, Susan was concerned because Bruce hardly touched her at all. Later, during a situation, Bruce grabbed Susan and she got scared because he seemed to become a different person. She broke up him after that.Bruce next attended an unknown medical college where he met Angela Lipscombe and started a relationship with her. Some of the other personalities where able to make their presence known as Bruce was able to create an initially stable relationship with Angela and was able to show her affection and emotion. At the end of med school, Angela got a research grant for her work quickly but Bruce had trouble getting anybody to be interested in his proposed work:"Predicting the spontaneous formation of Gamma Particles in a vacuum." Whether it was jealousy or other personalities breaking through, but Bruce let abruptly without saying good-bye to Angela .Bruce was able to attend graduate school at the California Institute of Technology. He studied nuclear physics. Bruce could possibly have picked the same field as his father research as some sort of sub-conscious way to seek approval from his father.After graduation, Bruce pitched the idea of a gamma bomb to General "Thunderbolt" Ross which would destroy metal, bricks, etc but leave people alive. After giving his pitch, Bruce was notified that his father was being released from the mental hospital after fifteen years. Bruce talked to the doctors but they felt he was ready to rejoin society. Bruce let his father stay with him for a short amount of time and Bruce admitted freely that he thought his father was still disturbed. Brian broke down and blurbed out the fact that his father had done things to him but it was obvious Brian Banner was up to something. Brian was acting stranger and stranger and Bruce said he should maybe check himself back in for more therapy. Brian shouted that maybe he had gotten better in the mental hospital because he was away from Bruce. Bruce just walked away and went to his mother's burial site because it was the anniversary of her death. Brian followed him there and started talking again about how Bruce was evil. They got into an argument which let to a physical confrontation. Bruce was on the ground and Brian was about to jump on him when Bruce pushed him back with his foot. Brian stumbled back and cracked his neck on the Rebecca's gravestone. Bruce went on to work at a nuclear research facility at Desert Base in New Mexico to work on the Gamma Bomb in conjunction with the government. The rest, as they say, is history. Link to article

The Hulk (Dr. Robert Bruce Banner), sometimes referred to as The Incredible Hulk, is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in the Marvel Comics Universe. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Hulk first appeared in Incredible Hulk # 1 (May 1962). He has since become one of Marvel Comics' most recognized superhero characters.
After nuclear physicist Dr. Robert Bruce Banner is caught in the blast of a gamma bomb he created, he is transformed into the Hulk, a raging monstrosity. The character, both as Banner and the Hulk, is frequently pursued by the police or the armed forces, often as a result of the destruction he causes. While the coloration of the character's skin varies during the course of its publication history, the Hulk is most often depicted as green.
He is featured in a number of animated series, a feature film directed by Ang Lee, and a long-running television series and spin-off television movies starring Bill Bixby as Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. Article from Wikipedia

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